The Aftermath: Bell, Garrett, Hughes, Puig suspended


The hammer has fallen in the aftermath of the brawl involving the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates Tuesday night in Great American Ball Park.

And Joe Torre, Major League Baseball’s lord of discipline made it clear that MLB is concerned with the constant animosity between the two National League Central rivals.

That is why, he said, the suspensions and fines are steeper than they would normally be.

Both managers and three players from each team received suspensions and fines for their parts in the skirmish in front of the Pittsburgh dugout.

Reds manager David Bell, pitcher Amir Garrett, pitcher Jared Hughes and outfielder Yasiel Puig were dealt fines and suspension. Puig, of course, was traded to the Cleveland Indians, but will serve a three-day suspension.

Bell received a six-day suspension and Pirates manager Clint Hurdle was issued a three-day suspension. Bell begins serving Thursday night when the Reds open a four-game series in Atlanta. Hurdle’s time off begins Friday night when the Pirates play the New York Mets Friday.

All six players decided to appeal their adjucations and are permitted to play until they are given hearings.

The parties judged guilty of indiscretions:

—Pirates pitcher Keone Kela received a 10-game suspension for intentionally throwing a pitch in the area of the head of Derek Dietrich of the Reds in the bottom of the seventh inning and for his role in instigating the bench-clearing incident.

—Reds pitcher Amir Garrett received an eight-game suspension for inciting the bench-clearing incident by running to the area outside the Pirates’ dugout and throwing a punch in the top of the ninth inning.

—Pirates infielder José Osuna received a five-game suspension for his aggressive and inappropriate actions during the ninth inning incident.

—Reds pitcher Jared Hughes received a three-game suspension for intentionally throwing a pitch at Starling Marte of the Pirates in the top of the ninth inning.

—Pirates pitcher Kyle Crick has received a three-game suspension for his inappropriate actions during the ninth inning incident.

—Cleveland Indians outfielder Yasiel Puig, then a member of the Reds, received a three-game suspension for his aggressive actions during the ninth inning incident. Puig is in Cleveland’s lineup Thursday night, batting fourth, and will play, pending his appeal.

—Bell’s six-game suspension was for returning to the field following his ejection, escalating the incident with his aggressive actions and for his team’s intentional pitch at Marte. And the fact it was his eighth ejection this season figured into his discipline.

—Pirates manager Hurdle, whom Bell sought to attack when he sprinted onto the field, received a two-game suspension for his team’s conduct during the incident and his team’s multiple intentional pitches thrown at Dietrich this season.

Fines also were levied on Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams, Reds first baseman Joey Votto and Reds outfielder Phillip Ervin. Additionally, a number of players from both teams were fined for participating in the bench-clearing incident while on the Injured List.

Torre, in a statement issued from MLB headquarter in New York, aimed blame at both teams.

“The incidents between these two Clubs remain a source of concern, and it’s reflected by the level of discipline we are handing down today. Everyone on the field should be aware of the example they are setting for fans, particularly young people.

“ I firmly expect these two managers and all others to hold their players accountable for appropriate conduct and to guide them in the right direction.”

2 thoughts on “The Aftermath: Bell, Garrett, Hughes, Puig suspended”

  1. I believe Kela got off light, with what he said afterwards. Intentionally throwing up towards the head deserves more.

  2. 6-more games to be played at Pittsburg.

    Maybe Joe Torre should throw out the first pitch.

    Rob Dibble could be the series honorary team captain in the dugout.

    Bad humor aside, throwing above the belt is a serious issue. That said I’m recalling Bob Gibson’s chin music, Frank Robinson’s stance over the plate taking it away from the pitcher, and Johnny Bench blocking the plate before receiving the ball (now illegal).

    What’s next, bubble wrap uniforms ?

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