Observations: Ohio State, Hamilton, UD, WSU, Bengals, Browns must overcome ‘diversity’


5 thoughts on “Observations: Ohio State, Hamilton, UD, WSU, Bengals, Browns must overcome ‘diversity’”

  1. Billy Hamilton was too good on the bases for the Money Ball Morons to keep him.I knew other teams would be interested in Billy for his base running speed so i figured Billy would be gone just as other top players were let go.Wait Hoyt would have given the front office hell for destroying the once great Reds. Alas for baseball is lost in Cincy.

  2. Hey Hal. Good to see you are still typing away. Always read your stuff. Once a copy editor always a copy editor though. Player in your last item was Drew Gooden.

  3. S.O.S. Gary Burbank I say again…we need your “Cincinnati’s Greatest Soap Opera-All My Bengals” back on WLW ! So much new material.

    Always wondered if/what might have been if Billy Hamilton had an old schoolish manager who said “learn to bunt or else” or, the next time you come back to dugout laughing after you strike out I’ll yank you onto the bench”. (Thinking Dave Bristol, George Anderson, Pete Rose, Sweet Lou and Dave Johnson)

    Oh thousand pardons, can’t do such things in baseball now

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