Corporate Sponsorship

Thanks so much for your interest in supporting Hal. A few words first. Upon learning near Opening Day last year that Hal wasn’t going to Spring Training for the first time in 43 years or covering the Reds, we put together the website and started a GoFundMe page. It wasn’t pretty but we made it through. It’s my hope that we can line up enough corporate and private sponsorship so Hal can make it through this season. 
Having said that, I/he/we have no background in e-commerce/sponsorship. So we’re learning as we go. Here is what we have developed for a 12-month sponsorship:
$1,200 – Rotating ad in the banner position and sidebar ads; logo on a Sponsor page we will have; one Hal appearance at an event; personalized/autographed copy of Hal’s book. ML Dunn has signed on at this level.
$600 – Rotating ad in sidebar ads; logo on a Sponsor page we will have; one Hal appearance at an event; personalized/autographed copy of Hal’s book.
$300 – Logo on a Sponsor page we will have; lunch (at your expense) at a restaurant of your choice anywhere in the Dayton-Cincinnati area and you can bring as many friends as you want ; personalized/autographed copy of Hal’s book.
But if there is some combination of the above or a different price point that would be of interest to you, we welcome any proposals. Or, if you have your own idea of what would work best for you business, we’re open to creative ideas. Every cent of the sponsorship goes directly to Hal. Hal wants to keep writing forever and we want to help him make that happen.